Buses and chargers for rent


eMIS eMobility Is a Service

eMIS is the enabler for rapid, low-risk expansion of e-mobility.

eMIS we take care of buses

Use buses of your choice, charging infrastructure and the eMIS energy management system!
eMIS takes care of everything else: (re)construction of your depot, electrical installations, updates, maintenance, insurance. All included in a rental contract.

eMIS you pay per use, no CAPEX

We supply your new e-bus fleet and electricity from our wind and solar parks.  Your bus operating costs per kilometre will be reduced to below the price of conventional e-bus operation. Neither public subsidies nor debt capital are needed – you simply rent buses and charging infrastructure from eMIS. Therefore, your transformation CAPEX will amount close to zero.

eMIS your bus is a storage unit

While e-buses are parked at the charging point, we can offer the remaining battery capacity at the energy spot market. Vehicle2Grid reduces energy procurement costs – and your rental fee.

eMIS your battery lives twice

Incidentally, decommissioned bus batteries may lead a second life as stationary storage units – a concept that is both economical and sustainable.

eMIS you’ll never drive alone

Our commitment: whatever it takes, you’ll never drive alone. When your eMIS bus operation starts, our engineers will analyse and solve any problem which may occur at your depot, especially in the initial phase.

eMIS – we provide quality and compatibility

In Neustadt-Glewe our engineers check the compatibility of all components and optimise the energy management system. We also run quality management processes at the test site.
eMIS experts stay at your side – testing e-buses and charging infrastructure for safe eMIS operation.